Pollys - Dealers Choice - 4.5% Modern Best Bitter - 440ml Can

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 4.5% Modern Best Bitter

440ml Can

There’s definitely a recurring theme with Januarys here at Polly’s and dropping a Best Bitter. What originally started out as a sort of in-joke has rapidly become one of the events in the brewery calendar our brewers look forward to the most. Relishing the chance to brew a heritage style, our 2023 entry is Dealer’s Choice – a thoroughly modern Best Bitter. Going in gently with a boil addition of 7kg of Simcoe for ten minutes, in true Polly’s fashion we couldn’t help ourselves on this beer and added sliiiightly more hops than planned, with a further 18kg of more Simcoe, Amarillo and Columbus bring marmalade notes to offset against the caramel backbone brought to the party by the grist bill.