Brasserie De La Senne / Pen Druid - Druid Lager - 2.6% Lager - 330ml Bottle

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It’s no secret that at Brasserie de la Senne we love our light beers. Taras Boulba, with its 4.5%, was among the pioneers in this regard in Belgium. We’ve decided to take things a bit further by offering two even lighter beers, which will both be released within a month - just in time for the beautiful days we’re all looking forward to!

Personally, we’re not big fans of completely alcohol-free beers. This has many reasons, but among others because they can’t be made with fully artisanal methods. On the other hand, we love ultra-light beers, who are fully fermented and brewed according to our artisanal production methods. This is one of the biggest challenges for a brewer: it’s about giving texture and taste to a beer that, because of its lightness, contains even more water than a so-called “normal” beer! A real challenge, and that’s what makes it exciting.

We’re starting this month with the release of the DRUID LAGER, brewed collaboratively with our friends at @pendruidbrewing (Virginia, USA). It’s a blonde lager with only 2.6% alcohol, but full of flavor! It contains a good proportion of wheat, which gives it an appealing haze and body. Its aroma is both floral (white flowers, elderflowers) and slightly fruity. It has a very light sulfurous touch typical of lager fermentation, but that’s what gives it character. On the palate, the wheaty aspect blends with very fresh fruity, floral, and herbaceous notes, all supported by a light bitterness. A true thirst-quencher, which this time we can say you can (almost!) consume without moderation ;)

Available in limited capacity in bottles of 33cl and in kegs of 20l.