3 Fonteinen - Druif Gewurztraminer - Season 22/23 - Blend 35 - 750ml Bottle

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bottling date: 26/01/2023.

For this Druif, we macerated the ever fragrant Gewurztraminer grape, harvested in the summer 2022 in Bourgheim, Alsace, on one- and three-year old lambik, for more than four months. The old portion accounts for almost 80%, rendering the weighted average age of more than 31 months. The final fruit intensity is 437 grams of Gewurztraminer grapes per litre of finished Druif. Almost 65% of the nine different lambikken were brewed with local cereals. A small part of this blend was also bottled on magnums. 100% 3 Fonteinen.