Beltane Bash 2024 - Sunday May 5th - 2pm until Late at The Triangle

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We are honoured and privileged to announce our inaugural Beltane Bash, featuring some of the finest and most idiosyncratic musicians on the face of the Earth.

Be enchanted by Samandtheplants as they conjure a unique blend of folk-inspired psychedelia. Their lush, multi-layered soundscapes are perfect for Beltane, reflecting the renewal and lush growth of spring with every note.

Experience the mesmerising solo electric guitar of Dean McPhee. His contemplative, fluid style, blending deep blues with looping melodies, mirrors the introspective yet celebratory nature of Beltane, inviting listeners into a meditative space akin to the calm and focus of a springtime ritual.

Enjoy the intricate guitar work of Joe Hollick, whose hauntingly beautiful compositions capture the essence of Beltane’s mystical and transformative energy. His music evokes the ancient spirit of this time of year, perfect for a festival that celebrates the fertility of the earth.

ADRA, featuring Andrew Abbott of That Fucking Tank, showcases a compelling performance on the 12-string baritone guitar. His robust and resonant soundscapes capture the profound spirit of Beltane, resonating with the season’s themes of growth and renewal. Through a blend of raw energy and intricate melodies, ADRA’s music embodies the powerful surge of life that Beltane celebrates, making his performance a poignant part of the festival's tapestry of sound.

Join us for a day that promises to be a true celebration of Beltane, filled with music, dance, and communal warmth. This isn’t just a festival; it's a vibrant celebration of life, nature, and the energies that connect us all.