Friday 17 May - Synthageddon 2: The Rise of the Machines ft Augustin Bousfield, Flash Cassette & Expo-92

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Augustin Bousfield

Anyone whose musical output includes a ship’s wheel synthesiser, the theme tune to one of the 21st century’s most iconic gameshows, and the only UK Christmas number 1 flexidisc has probably got something interesting going on. Augustin Bousfield is a relentlessly creative musician and producer from Bradford who turns his hand to all sorts of musical projects with an unending supply of tunes and nagging sonic quirks – from thrashing skronk duo Mucky Sailor to psychedelic pop outfit Gurgles, via supporting roles with kosmische rockers NOPE and trad folk guitarist Henry Parker. More recently he co-wrote and produced Saint Etienne’s latest LP (“I’ve Been Trying To Tell”) and hit that all-important Xmas #1 (well, for vinyl) with them in 2021. In 2023 he rolls into Leeds for a solo outing of electro-pop tunes that hit somewhere between Max Tundra, Hall & Oates, and Syd Barrett. Warning: may feature keytar.

Flash Cassette

‘Like cruising through Vice City with a boombox full of funk’
Flash Cassette drips with synth swag and punchy bass lines that will get you out of your seat and onto the dancefloor. While clearly inspired by the likes of Daft Punk, and Kraftwerk, Flash Cassette has a funky style all of his own that has been tearing up the northern electronic music scene.


It’s 1993 and you have just entered a shopping centre. As you move through the entrance, you gaze upwards at the glass dome that rises above your head, like a cathedral, its crystal-like structure shimmering against the sun. Shafts of light fall through, landing on the water feature that greets you in the centre of the welcoming vestibule. Among the chatter, the footsteps, the aromas of perfume and fried food, you hear music.
This is that music.
Expo 92 is also known as Jed Skinner, 1/2 of the live dance band Galaxians from Leeds