Saturday 27 April at 7.30pm - The Triangle Presents Verbo I Voda (Milana Sarukhanyan & John Bisset) & Nika Ticciati’s Cataclysm Ensemble

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Dive into the essence of sound where Ukrainian folk intertwines with the avant-garde. On Saturday, 27th April, The Triangle becomes the stage for an extraordinary musical experiment. Verbo I Voda - a synergy of Milana Sarukhanyan's haunting soprano and John Bisset's innovative lap steel - invites you on a journey through soundscapes untold. 

Envision a realm where operatic grandeur meets the rawness of Slavic folklore, where ambient strings and rhythmic patterns craft a backdrop for tales as old as time itself. This duo, birthed from a spontaneous meeting in London's vibrant underground scene, brings together the worlds of abstract sound, whispered poetry, and the sheer power of vocal and instrumental improvisation.

"A sonic adventure through dark times," as described by Ashley Wales. Picture yourself amidst a forest of sound, where shadows of Cathy Berberian's legacy dance in the moonlight, and electronic phantoms weave through the air, only to vanish into the night.

From their first captivating performance to the brink of releasing an album that traverses the emotional landscape with grace and audacity, Verbo I Voda has touched souls and ignited imaginations across stages and greenhouses alike.

🌙✨ Adding to the night's mesmerizing lineup, we're thrilled to announce Nika Ticciati’s Cataclysm Ensemble as the opening act for Verbo I Voda. Bringing a unique fusion of spiritual jazz and punk rock, this ensemble promises an opening performance that's as thought-provoking as it is exhilarating. Comprising Nika Ticciati and Teruki Chan for this special evening, they'll interpret pieces from their diverse songbook, embracing the belief that "all good music is punk music." Prepare for a communal experience that redefines performance as a shared rite, setting the perfect tone for a night of innovative sounds at The Triangle. 🎵🔥

Your presence is requested at The Triangle. Experience a performance where each note is a reflection of humanity’s deepest stories, told through a lens of innovation and tradition.

🔗 Peek into their mystical world ahead of the night:

Stay updated and dive deeper into their journey: @milana_sarukhanyan @verbo.i.voda