Chateau St Cyrgues - Salamandre - VDF Orange 2022 - Nimes, France - Easy Drinking Summery Orange - 750ml Bottle

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Nestled in the breathtaking landscape of the South of France, where the Petie Camargue and the shimmering Mediterranean Sea meet, lies the historic Château Saint Cyrgues estate. With a storied past that spans over a century, this venerable vineyard continues to push the boundaries of wine-making with its unwavering commitment to organic certification.

Enter their Orange wine, a true masterpiece that embodies the very essence of summertime. Bursting with bold flavors of succulent peach and ripe summer fruits, each sip is a symphony of complex and satisfying tastes. With a refreshing and easy-drinking character, this wine is a perfect accompaniment to any summertime feast or romantic evening under the stars. A true sensory experience that is simply irresistible, the Château Saint Cyrgues Orange wine is sure to delight and enchant any discerning wine-lover.