Fond Cyprès - Cyprès de Toi Blanc 2022 - Bright. Tense. Playful Chardonnay - Languedoc, France - 750ml Bottle

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Cyprès de Toi Blanc's enchanting 2022 vintage emerges from the youthful vigor of Fond Cyprès, a precious gem cradled in the heart of Languedoc. An intimate dance of clay and limestone nourishes these vines, bestowing upon the grapes an earth-kissed vivacity. These small orbs of potential surrender their nectar in a pressing ritual, paving way for a pristine journey into the sanctuary of a concrete vat. Here, nature’s alchemy unfolds, fermentation breathing life into this Chardonnay before it hibernates for eight enchanting months. Upon waking, it pirouettes onto your palate with a scintillating splash of citrusy brightness, its vivacity juxtaposed against a refreshing tart backdrop. The wine flirts teasingly, a seductive push-and-pull between lean acidity and the comforting whisper of soft minerality. This delightful paradox renders the Cyprès de Toi Blanc nothing short of a vin de table par excellence.