Hannes & Claudiu - Rosa 2021 - Deep, Tart & Harmonious - Pfalz, Germany - 750ml Bottle

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Rosa, a beaming star in the constellation of Hannes & Claudiu's winemaking craft from Pfalz, orchestrates an intricate waltz of Portugieser, Dornfelder, and Grauburgunder. She is a tribute to the cyclical dance of time, a harmonious solera style blend of vintages from 2020, 2021, and 2022. Each year’s harvest coalesces in a shared act of fermentation, punctuated by a fortnight's dalliance with semi-carbonic maceration. The only exceptions: Spätburgunder and Muscat, who honour tradition with a more direct press. This vinous symphony is then cradled in 500-litre oak barrels, maturing under time's patient gaze. The amicable unity of white and red grapes bestows upon Rosa a splendid robe of deep raspberry, a vibrant testament to their successful marriage. The finale of this performance reveals a firm yet tantalisingly tart acidity, underpinned by the whisper of fruity tannins that linger on the palate like a fond memory.

For an outstanding food pairing, consider robust, flavourful dishes such as a slow-cooked lamb tagine adorned with plump dried fruit, or a creamy, earthy mushroom risotto. The tart acidity and subtle fruity tannins of Rosa would interact delightfully with these rich flavours.