3 Fonteinen - Golden Blend (season 21|22) Blend No. 54 - 7.5% ABV - 750ml Bottle

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7.5% ABV

bottle date: 24/03/2022.

For this Oude Geuze Golden Blend we blended lambikken that originate from three different barrels and five different brews, with three different brewers. This Golden Blend is particular in that sense that we used two- and five-year old lambikken only, and finished it with some freshly brewed lambik wort for the push in the bottle. Since a good 40% is two-year old lambik and almost 60% is five years old, the weighted average age of this bottle, upon bottling, is more than 42 months. Add to that at least a year of bottle conditioning, and it will have reached a weighted age of more than 54 months. Compared to blend 55, this blend roughly has an inverted proportion of two- and five-year-old lambik.