Allagash - Allagash White - 5.2% Witbier - 473ml Can

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5.2% Witbier

473ml Can

Allagash White is a traditional Belgian-style witbier, and is an example of one of the few styles beers that was originally designed to be hazy. The beer’s haze comes from a combination of yeast and proteins within the malt, oats, and wheat with which it’s brewed.

Centuries ago, witbiers were brewed with what Belgian farmers had on hand—namely, a large portion of wheat and oats. Un-roused, the beer will actually appear darker, as the light sediment settles to the bottom. However, once these solids are in suspension—the beer has been moved around a bit—the beer’s color lightens up to its traditional hue of pale straw. This haze also adds to the mouthfeel, giving the beer a silky, almost pillowy texture.