BrayBrooke - Keller Lager - 4.8% Keller Beer - 330ml Bottle

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Kellerbier, meaning cellar beer, is a 4.8% ABV style that we fell in love with on our travels to Bamberg. To make the best version we have taken every possible step: importing the malt from Germany, sourcing high quality German hops from a renowned farm in Tettnang, softening the brewing water for the distinctive smooth mouthfeel, and using fresh lager yeast grown for us in Bavaria.

We use traditional techniques: a decoction mash, low and slow fermentation, a minimum of 30 days lagering in tank for the cleanest flavour and perfect natural carbonation.

The end result is a proper lager, full bodied, complex and refined. It’s delicious and refreshing on its own and also a great accompaniment to food.