Cantina Indigeno - Casette 2022 - Robust, Rustic & Structured Skin Contact - Abruzzo, Italy - 750ml Bottle

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Birthed in the nurturing arms of Abruzzo, Cantina Indigeno presents a robust dance of indigenous grape varietals where Trebbiano takes the lead, flanked by the graceful moves of Passerina and Malvasia. This trio of grape divas is co-fermented in a skin-contact ballet, their enigmatic performance echoed in a 6-month maturation in stainless steel's stark embrace. The wine exudes a delightful rustic charm, captivating the senses with a seductive, subtly fruity nose that paints images of sun-kissed ripe pears and succulent apricots. The story then unfolds on the palate, revealing a concentrated tableau rich in herbaceous intricacies, creating a captivating structure that echoes the landscape from which it was born. 

Regarding food pairings, consider Mediterranean dishes featuring olive oil-drizzled grilled vegetables, herbed roasted chicken, or a savoury seafood paella. The herbaceous structure and fruit-driven profile of this wine would pair seamlessly with these flavours.