Cantina Indigeno - Folk 2022 - Abruzzo, Italy - Unique, Ripe & Warm Orange - 750ml Bottle

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Unfurling from the enigmatic terrains of Abruzzo, Cantina Indigeno crafts a mesmerizing dance of native grape varieties. The stage is shared by the familiar twirl of Trebbiano and Pecorino, joined by a ghost of the region's vinicultural past - the aromatic white grape Montonico. Rising like a phoenix, Montonico is being lovingly resurrected in the vineyards scaling Abruzzo's lofty heights. The fruit from these vines, touched by the cool mountain air, finds its destiny in an intimate embrace with the skins during vinification, further resting in stainless steel for élevage, untouched by any external additions. A warm, ripened essence of stone fruit graces the palate, punctuated by the faint, charming brush of tannins. This uniquely crafted ensemble presents itself as the perfect picnic companion, revelling under the sun's golden gaze."

For a delightful food pairing, consider a rustic charcuterie board featuring prosciutto, ripe figs, and a selection of soft, aromatic cheeses. The wine's warm stone fruit notes and gentle tannins would provide a pleasing counterpoint to these flavours.