Cloudwater / Nordie - Apricot & Citrus Shrub Soda - 440ml Can

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A wonderful addition to the Cloudwater Soda family, the Apricot & Citrus Shrub Soda is a shared collaboration between our brewers and the team at Nordie in Levenshulme. For a quick culinary history lesson 'Shrub' derives from Victorian origins: macerating fruit and herbs with sugar and citrus acids or vinegar to create a sweet and sour medicinal based cordial. 

Our iteration combines zingy orange and lemon zest, sugar, sweet apricot puree, aromatic rosemary and a touch of Cloudwater magic from a surplus, sharp gooseberry wild ale, to supplement the acid component of this soda instead of vinegar. Combine together and you have a sparkling sweet and refreshing soda that dances on the tongue. 

0.5% ABV, 440ml Can