Cloudwater - Pale - 3.7% ABV

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440ml Can

6% ABV

As hop bines arrive at the head of the processing plant, another team of highly skilled workers tirelessly hook each bine by hand onto the hop-picking machinery. We love Citra. It's an incredible hop that's bold and reliable as hops come, which is why it has captivated both brewers and consumers alike since its debut in 2008. Citra makes up 35% of our total hop contracts, and 25% of the YCH hop yield each year.

Aroma & Flavour: Dried mango and big notes of ripe peach, supported bu passion-fruit and tangerine
Body: Full-bodied and smooth, with a short juicy finish
Aftertaste: Juicy peach lingers long into the finish, alongside fresh tangerine