The Kernel - Export Stout London 1890 - 7.3% ABV - 330ml Bottle

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7.5% ABV

330ml Bottle

Note: The ABV varies for this beer but the recipe is the same.

In the bustling streets of Bermondsey, within the hallowed halls of Kernel Brewery, one may discover a stout of London's yesteryears, a true classic. Crafted from a recipe that hath weathered the tempests of time for nigh on 130 years, this export stout doth harken back to the days of Queen Victoria herself.

Behold, this stout, birthed from the depths of distinctive black malt, emerges as a liquid as dark and mysterious as the fabled London fog. Its very essence is inky-black, and its texture, akin to the oiliest of quills. Within its depths, the senses are transported to a bygone era, as notes of dried fruits, leather, chocolate, and the warm embrace of baking spice and coffee, swirl in harmonious union.

Yet, amidst this symphony of flavors, a subtle hop aroma doth dance, offering a delicate counterpoint to the robust chorus of the brew. It is a balanced and comforting expression of a style that harks back to a time when London's heart beat in the shadow of towering chimneys and horse-drawn carriages clattered along cobblestone streets. Thus, savor this stout, for in its depths, it carries the echoes of Victorian splendor and the legacy of a city that time hath both changed and preserved.