Courtyard Dairy Cheese Selection

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A lovingly put together selection of the finest cheese we could find supplied by the courtyard dairy. These cheeses should pair well with the Wine, Beer & Ciders we sell. 

The Selection includes-

- 1 pack of Peter's Yard Crispbread

- 200g Kirkhams Lancashire

- 200g Old Winchester ( British Gouda/Cheddar Style)

- 200g Young Buck (Blue Cheese from Northern Ireland)

- 200g Baron Bigod (Unpastuerised British Brie)

More Details below;

Kirkhams Lancashire

Third-generation Lancashire-maker Graham Kirkham still follows the traditional two-day curd method of making Lancashire cheese, giving a buttery, yoghurty flavour with a fluffy and light texture that melts in the mouth. They are the very last farmhouse producer of raw-milk Lancashire cheese, and are still very much a family farm. Three generations of the family – Graham, his mum and his sons – produce superb cheese every day with the milk from their 70 cows.

The Courtyard Dairy is one of only two shops which still have Kirkham’s Lancashire made for them in a traditional 25kg (56lb) wheel.  This size of Kirkham’s Lancashire ages slower, producing a better, longer-lasting flavour.

Old Winchester

In the New Forest at Lyburn Farm, Mike and Judie Smales have created a modern British classic cheese – Old Winchester.

As milk prices fell, Mike and Judie decided they needed an outlet for the milk from their 180 British Friesian cows.  Deciding to make cheese, they went on a one-day Cheddar-making course with Val Bines.  With this basic knowledge the Smales decided to make a Gouda-style (the curd is washed so the cheese ends up slightly more sweet): “When we started to make cheese twelve years ago, we deliberately chose not to make Cheddar for all the obvious reasons, not least there are already quite a lot of them.  So we started with a Gouda-style recipe.”

Yet it turned out a bit different from expected.  But not every mistake is bad!  Instead, the amazing Old Winchester was born: a cross between Gouda, Parmesan and Cheddar.  At the Courtyard Dairy it is aged for 18-months to give it a sweet, tangy, crystallised depth.  (It is also known as Old Smales).

As well as a great ‘table cheese’ Old Winchester works incredibly well as a vegetarian Parmesan replacement as it is made without animal rennet, you will often find chefs using it for vegetarian dishes.

Young Buck

An outstanding, new, raw-milk, blue cheese from Northern Ireland.  An interesting take on a Stilton recipe, Young Buck cheese is traditionally made and hand-ladled to produce a rich, lingering flavour.
An impressive debut cheese.

Made by Michael Thomson of Mike’s Fancy Cheese Co. at Newtownards, County Down, Northern Ireland.

Baron Bigod

Aged to perfect ripeness in The Courtyard Dairy’s maturing rooms, Baron Bigod is Britain’s first unpasteurised Brie to be made on the farm in traditional large (3kg) wheels, and ladled by hand.  The French are jealous…

Made by Jonathan and Dulcie Crickmore in Bungay, Suffolk, England.