Dios Baco - Pedro Ximenez Sherry - 500ml

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Naturally sweet Pedro Ximenez grapes give a dark mahogany colour, highly aromatic with notes of raisins, liquorice, chocolate and burnt caramel. Serve with blue cheeses, desserts and ice-cream

This lovely range of Sherry comes from the boutique bodega of Dios Baco in Jerez, Andalucía. The word 'Sherry' comes from the town where it is made: Jerez in Andalucía. The grape variety Palomino Fino is mainly used as it is able to withstand the dry climate; only 6% of the vines are Pedro Ximenez and Moscatel, which provide sweeter flavours. The Palomino grape is first fermented to produce a dry white wine which then develops a layer of white yeast, the 'flor', in the cool damp air of the bodegas. Wines with a particularly good flor will become Fino, with its characteristic hint of bitter almonds, while those without much flor will be made into Oloroso, a stronger sherry with the addition of more spirit, which kills off the flor and allows the wine to mature in the air. Amontillado develops from an ageing Fino after its flor has died, allowing oxygen into the wine to continue the maturation process. The sun-ripened Pedro Ximenez grapes are used to make a very rich, sweet sherry with a raisin flavour, fantastic poured over ice-cream! All are then matured using the Solera y Criadera system, whereby the sherry is moved through a series of barrels over a period of many years until fully mature.