Dupont - Redor - 5% Pilsner - 250ml Bottle

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Sylva released Rédor after the war. An exceptional pils lager with a bold name!
Over 70 years ago, Sylva Rosier, who became manager after his uncle Louis Dupont, launched the only bottom-fermented beer in our range, which is filtered but not pasteurised.

A simply remarkable beer: barley malt is the only source of starch in the brewhouse, which, like the absence of pasteurisation, is very rare. While most of today’s pils use raw ungerminated grains (corn, rice etc.), often for technical or economic reasons, Rédor is still a traditional “pure malt”.

A simply original name: To make up for the fact that he could not call it “dorée” (“golden”), which was already used by the competition, Sylva turned the problem to his advantage and launched Rédor, swapping the two syllables “dor” and “rée”. Quite a neat solution I’m sure you’ll agree!