Duvel - Tripel Hop Cashmere - 9.5% Belgian Strong/ IPA Hybrid - 330ml Bottle

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9.5% Belgian IPA

330ml Bottle

To make Duvel Tripel Hop, the brewers do not simply add a third variety of hops, they use the dry hopping technique. This brewing technique entails that, aside from the hops used during the boiling process, extra hops are added at a later stage of the brewing process (during the lagering). This creates more intense hop aromas in the final beer.

In the case of Duvel Tripel Hop Cashmere, dry hopping and the addition of Cashmere hops gives the flavour a tropical twist that will be irresistible to devotees of specialty beers, particularly Belgian IPA beers. The addition of this hop variety to the classic Duvel recipe enlivens the flavour palette with intense tropical and floral notes of citrus, peach, melon and coconut. It's the ideal Belgian specialty beer to enjoy in the spring sunshine.