Eric Bordelet - Poire Granit - 4% Normandy Perry - 750ml Bottle

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This Poire Granit is made from 30 different varieties of pears from 200 to 300 year old trees so treat this like a wine. It has an edgy earthiness and terrific structure. Serve it with pan-fried scallops; it would probably also work beautifully with goat's cheese and we've paired it with autumnal desserts at many a wine dinner. A recent meeting at a tasting with Eric Bordelet, who has a broad smile and a passion for producing these fantastic artisan ciders, only increased our fondness for what he does.

"A perry (like your more usual apple cider but made of pears) made from the fruits of 300 year old trees, and grown according to biodynamic principles. It has the advantage of being only 4% ABV and it presents the same balance and ageing potential as a dry Mosel Riesling" Matthieu Longuere, MS.