Glazen Toren - Jan De Lichte - 7% Spiced White Ale - 750ml Bottle

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7% Spiced White Ale

750ml Bottle

Jan De Lichte is the fourth beer of brewery De Glazen Toren. In the 18th century Jan De Lichte was the leader of an infamous gang of robbers in the region of Aalst, Zottegem. He was executed in Aalst at the age of 25.

Jan De Lichte is a wit beer. But following ancient tradition we are using four grains beer: Barley and wheat are used of course, but there is also oats and buckwheat. Jan De Lichte is the only Glazen Toren beer to which spices are added, following the Belgian tradition of wheat beer brewing. The use of coriander and curaçoa makes for the extremely fresh, citrus-like taste. The rather high alcohol percentage (7.5 %) indicates that it is more than just a thirst quencher. Quite like Jan De Lichte himself some 250 years ago, the beer is not innocuous.