Grand Cru de la Bathie - Sweet, Nutty Alpine Rarity - 100g

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Grand Cru de La Bathie is a raw cows milk cheese hand produced in Savoy. La Bathie is a village located on the ancient consular road that connected Gaul with the Po valley.

The production technique of the Gran Cru de La Bathie is similar to that of Beaufort and Comté. After three months of maturation, it is transferred to the Tunnel de la Collonge - owned by the Maison Mons - where it continues aging for at least 18 months. Here - once a week - it is turned over, brushed and slightly wet in order to allow it to develop those aromas and flavours that characterize it. The nose has hints of dried fruit and caramel, while on the palate it is sweet, with a milky flavour and floral aromas.

It is excellent accompanied by a glass of light wine or with a lager.