Holbrook - Herbaceous Hard Goats Cheese - 200g

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Reminiscent of Italian and Spanish hard cheeses, Holbrook goats cheese takes influence from the continent but is very much rooted to the North of England, having originally developed out of an aged-Lancashire recipe.

Matured for a minimum of 6 months for the flavour to develop, Martin and Nicola use milk fresh from their goats everyday on their wild-Cumbrian landscape to make this sharp, herbaceous, saline goats cheese.

Holbrook is made using natural cheese-making cultures that Martin makes using fresh goats milk (similar to making sourdough cultures for bread); and follows a Lancashire recipe to start (Martin learnt a lot of cheese-making from his 2-year apprenticeship with Graham Kirkham, of Lancashire cheese fame) before stacking and pressing the curd to make the cheese ready for maturing for 6-months.  The goats are kept out on the rich pastures that Martin and Nicola have been improving to make better quality grasses and thereby increase the depth of flavour in there cheeses. The goats are milked just once a day with the warm milk going straight into the cheese vat to make cheese that very morning, every single day.

Made by Nicola Robinson and Martin Gott at Holker Farm, in Cartmel, Cumbria, England.