Ideal Day - Path of the Sun - 4.5% Field Beer - 500ml Bottle

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4.5% Field Beer

500ml Bottle

Inspiration for our field beer comes from the farm and fields our brewery is based on in Cornwall. For us it's about creating the perfect, balanceddrinking beer. Crisp & refreshing with depth of flavour. Simplicity & Complexity all in balance. 

Made from single farm British hops, heritage malted barley, regeratively grown YQ wheat and fermented with expressive cultures. Complex fruity ester flavours, elegant structure and a crisp finish makes our Field Beer its own unique style. 

Ideal Day Family Brewery are focused on three things: family (it’s in the name), beer (also, kind of in the name) and regenerative agriculture (bet you didn’t see that one coming).

We make beers focused on where our ingredients, especially our grain, comes from and how it was farmed. Our brewing inspiration comes from Belgium farmhouse traditions, classic British beers and modern innovation. It’s what we love doing. We strive to create tasty beers while supporting farmers who are saving our soils and ecosystems with regenerative agriculture.

So, what does regenerative agriculture mean?
It means we’ll be working within sustainable and regenerative loops within the farm system. We’ll be working with local suppliers, and growing ingredients ourselves, with an aim to improving soil health. What comes from the land, goes back to the land.