Jester King / Rare Barrel - Phaenomena - 7.4% Cognac BA Spontaenously Fermented Beer - 750ml Bottle

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Mature JK SPON aged in Cognac barrels, in collaboration with Rare Barrel (Berkeley, California).

Phaenomena is a 100% spontaneously fermented beer aged in Cognac barrels! The beer itself took a meandering path to release. It was originally brewed in 2016 when our friends Jay Goodwin and Alex Wallash came to visit us. After a few years of maturation, we weren't thrilled with the results, so we decided to try again. Ultimately, the beer we finally blended this spring is one we're quite proud of and are excited for you to try.

Our brewing team gets notes of white pepper, Cognac, caramel apple, Crème Brûlée, and bicycle tire. 7.4% abv.