Kerisac - Cidre Bouche Doux - 5% Soft Breton Cider - 750ml Bottle

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5% Sparkling Breton Cider

750ml Bottle

The Special Cuvée is the result of a unique production process and a long maturation in vats. This sweet cider, mellow and fruity, reveals all the quality and authenticity of a pure Breton cider. This cider is made in the respect of the cider tradition, from cider apples carefully selected in the orchards of Brittany. The Kerisac cider house is committed to preserving the soils and orchards of Brittany.

The sweet Kerisac Cuvée, low in alcohol, can be enjoyed plain as an aperitif, and also goes well with desserts, from pastries to sorbets.

Serve chilled, around 8°C, preferably in a balloon glass.