Killeen Goats Gouda

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Leaving Holland in search of the Irish ‘good-life’, Marion Roeleveld went on to develop Killeen – a goats’ milk Gouda made with milk from her own goats.
The Courtyard Dairy ages Killeen in-house for 11 months (8 months longer than normal Killeen), so the cheese develops a greater depth of flavour as the sweetness and toasty-roasted hazelnut flavours show through.

Made by Marion Roeleveld in Ballyshrule, Galway, Ireland.

When visiting Ireland several years ago, Marion Roeleweld fell in love with the place (and a particular goat farmer called Haske). Haske farmed around 40 goats in the small village of Killeen and was supplying the milk to the local creamery. In 2004 Marion relocated to Ireland from Holland. Dutch by birth, she’d grown up on a dairy farm and had studied how to make cheese at agricultural school. Using these skills, she developed a cheese in a style she knew – Gouda. Killeen Goats’ Milk Gouda was born. Goats’ milk is more frequently used to make smaller, fresher cheeses, as it is such delicate milk. Making Gouda from goats’ milk, therefore, is quite unique.

The herd has since increase to 200 stark-white Saanen goats (a traditional Swiss breed which, being stark-white, is not so good with sunlight –ideal for Ireland!).

Gouda cheeses have the curd washed, removing acidity, which has given Killeen a unique style and taste – slightly sweet, nutty and floral, with a gentle goat flavour.

Andy originally discovered Killeen Cheese when searching for a new ‘white cheese’ for a particularly specific export customer (a Sultan) in the Gulf. But the deal fell through, so instead he aged the cheese to see what would happen – and was delighted by the delicious outcome.

At The Courtyard Dairy Killeen is now aged to 11 months, when all the richness and mellow yet deep flavours come out.