La Garagista - Lupo in Bocca 2018 - Vermont, USA - Rose Perfection. a Floral Filamented Treasure - 750ml Bottle

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The “wolf in the mouth“ is inspired by our Vermont landscape and by a twist on an Italian phrase for good luck. Made from a field blend grown in one of our vineyards, this rosé reminds us of the lone field tree or wolf tree symbolic of the old Vermont meadow. These solitary trees give a sense of history and mystery, of stories from another time, and stories yet to be told. These beguiling old trees remind us that the story of this alpine landscape, both wild and cultivated, is still unfolding. alc. %: 12 agriculture: biodynamic

Vergennes Vineyard. Planted on clays and limestone, favoring limestone. Broad, western facing slope looking toward the Adirondacks. Defined by wind and big weather gestures. Bud break around the beginning of May (probably not this year tho!) and blossoming end of May. Native meadow: wild carrot, dandelion, daisy, false foxglove, clover, burdock, and comfrey. Fog and early morning moisture in autumn. Full sun. Not susceptible to frost in spring or autumn. Farming: Organic and biodynamic. vinification: Overnight whole cluster maceration, destemmed, foot crushed, direct press, elevage in flex tank and glass demijohn.