La Garagista - Stolen Roses - 8% Cidre Mousseux Ferm on Marquette skin - 750ml Bottle

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Stolen Roses, an homage to an ancestral style of cider once made in alpine Italy called vin ëd pom or pomada where the fresh cider was fermented on red wine skins in large wooden vats. Our base cider is made in an old Vermont farmhouse style where each season’s cider is layered into the last, creating an assemblage of many seasons, defined by not only the story of the fruit of that season, but also memory and nostalgia. We seed the base with new cider fermenting on our red wine pommace filled with the native sugars and yeasts found in our homefarm orchard to produce a methode Champenoise sparkling made from many different wild and cultivated apple varietals from our land. alc. %: 8 agriculture: biodynamic