La Garagista - The Flesh and The Bone Cider - 8% Biodynamic Sparkling Cider with Wine - 750ml Bottle

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A soft, textured sparkling expression of the love affair between apples and grapes here in our Vermont. A still base wine made with the lovely Brianna grape from our vineyard in Vergennes is then seeded with fresh cider from the same vintage right around the time of the third full moon in the new year much like old-fashioned prosecco. More vinous than cidery, the wine does clearly exhibit both fruits, and a creamy bubble with plenty of texture, minerality, and some sediment. Unfiltered and velvety, fruity and minerally, we love this with....well, just about anything.

vineyards: Les Carouges, Vergennes vineyard (Champlain Valley, Vermont) + orchard at Domaine de la Forêt, homefarm at la garagista soil: Vergennes: clay and calcareous, lacustrine sediment and sandy shist and gneiss bedrock, greenstone + Barnard: volcanic comprised of clay, schist, granite, gneiss, amphibolites, quartzite, garnet elevation: 94 ft. Valley floor. + 1600 feet in Barnard varieties: 50% Brianna and 50% 17 different heirloom and wild apple varieties including Liberty, Cox’s Orange Pippin, Old Pearmain, Orleans, etc. alc. %: 8 agriculture: biodynamic notes: