Left Handed Giant / Finback - Breathing : Conversations - 8% Mosaic Citra DIPA - 440ml Can

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8% Mosaic Citra DIPA

440ml Can

DIPA w/ Citra and Mosaic

Breathing : Conversations is a project headed by Finback brewery and is intended as a platform for ongoing conversation in the hope of inspiring positive action, some words from them:

This project is to create a platform for sustained dialogue in the hopes of inspiring positive action. Through conversation, we can share ideas, perspectives, educate and find common ground. It is through dialogue and hearing each other that we can build real strength, overcome divisiveness, effect change and triumph over racial and social injustices. Our starting point is simple, to have a conversation about race and record the sentiments on a beer label. We hope it will spread ideas and encourage further dialogue to raise awareness, engagement and action.

Profits from this beer will be donated to Black Minds Matter UK, a charity dedicated to connecting Black individuals and families with free mental health services.