Lervig - Blue Plate Special By Rackhouse - 13.5% Bourbon barrel aged imperial stout with vanilla

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This beer is nostalgic. Growing up in ’80s America I used to go to the local diners for their “blue plate special”. Pancakes, 2 bacon strips, toast and coffee. Nothing beats that bacon when it mixed with the maple syrup on the plate… This Maple Bourbon barrel aged Breakfast stout reminds me of the great diners of yesterday; may they reemerge in our world again!

Rackhouse is another perspective in our brewing journey where we will focus on the influence of wood on our beers. Products on this side of the brewery will be fermented or aged in barrels, or foeders in an effort to explore both the obvious and subtle dimensions that these vessels can impart on beer. We will try to provoke your tastes, and challenge our own perception of beer as this project evolves.

We’ll accomplish this by experimenting with small releases of very special products that will be divided into two main categories: Dark series, and Norwegian cultures.