Lervig - Off the Rack N°1 By Rackhouse - 14.5% Tennessee Whiskey Barrel Aged Stout - 375ml Bottle

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14.5% Tennessee Whiskey Barrel Aged Stout

375ml Bottle

Off the Rack #1 sat in wet Tennessee whiskey barrels for 11 months to absorb coconut, vanilla and dry spice aromatics from the lightly-charred wood which meld with the full, sweet maltiness from the oat-rich imperial stout base. We left it unmolested to allow you to experience these nuances.

Serving: Snifter glass. 8°CRackhouse is another perspective in our brewing journey where we will focus on the influence of wood on our beers. Products on this side of the brewery will be fermented or aged in barrels, or foeders in an effort to explore both the obvious and subtle dimensions that these vessels can impart on beer. We will try to provoke your tastes, and challenge our own perception of beer as this project evolves.

We’ll accomplish this by experimenting with small releases of very special products that will be divided into two main categories: Dark series, and Norwegian cultures.