Lindemans - Ginger Gueuze - 6% Ginger Lambic - 750ml Bottle

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GingerGueuze pairs the  sourish character of a lambic with the refreshing tastes and aromas of ginger. A complex, balanced beer with a dry and refreshing finish.

“The success of our botanical lambics is completely owed to the prime quality of our old gueuze, Cuvée René,” explains Dirk Lindemans, Managing Director of the brewery. “We have the utmost respect for the history and characteristics of the traditional old gueuze. That is why we only release a new beer when it reflects this philosophy: it has to respect the traditional taste of the best old gueuze, with a surprising extra layer.”

 “With our ‘botanical lambics’ range, we are looking for new dimensions to add to our traditional old gueuze,” says Geert Lindemans, CEO. “Each new addition is the result of a long process of trial and error. It takes a while to find the right balance where the botanical gives a real added value to our traditional old gueuze. To see that our GingerGueuze follows in the footsteps of its awarded predecessors, SpontanBasil & BlossomGueuze, gives us great pleasure.”

The ideal aperitif, GingerGueuze is also perfect for food pairing.