Little Pomona - Hard Rain Hot Pink - 5% Pét nat Ciderkin & Blackcurrants - 750ml Bottle

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pét nat ciderkin & blackcurrants

Hard Rain, made from the second pressing of apples with the addition of spring water, is our interpretation of an old historic drink, ciderkin. We also like to think of it as upcycling pomace.

Hard Rain Hot Pink is about as English a drink as it gets. We combined a ciderkin made from a wonderful, super ripe, classic apple variety called Egremont Russet with a little Somerset blackcurrant wine made by our great friend Martin at Pilton Cider in Shepton Mallet.

Naturally sparkling, it strikes a joyous balance between the apples and blackcurrants, and with its wonderful colour, zippy core of red berry fruit and fleshy, creamy, apple tart flavours it’s something to both intrigue and crush at the same time!

Stand upright and chill well before opening. Gluten free. No added sulphites.

5% abv