Little Pomona - Harvest Cider - 7& Lightly sparkling, Rich, Citrusy Cider - 750ml Bottle

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lightly sparkling, deft barrel influence

Cidermakers spend a lot of time thinking about fruit and therefore harvest. This cider was borne of that.

2019 was a difficult vintage, a cool summer and worse in the autumn, with extensive rains and serious flooding. Ruthless fruit selection on our part meant we made less cider than we’d hoped for, but we are very proud of what we did make,

We are calling this cider Harvest and it brings together the best of 2019 after time in barrel. Unsurprisingly it favours the early variety Browns Apple (60%), ripe before the rains came, with the addition of three classic late season varieties – Yarlington Mill, Dabinett and Harry Masters Jersey in roughly equal proportions, and then bottle conditioned.

The fresh, citrus vibe of Browns Apple tames any overt sense of the barrels and lifts the intense fruit richness of the late season apples. In the end it’s bright, juicy and full of ripe fruit. It’s fully reminiscent of the tastes, smells and feelings of warm orchard days and the long shadows of harvest time.

Drink cold. Not frozen. Gluten free. Contains naturally occurring sulphites

7% abv