Little Pomona - Orange Cider - 7.3% Aromatic Cider - 750ml Bottle

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With Orange Cider 2020, we wanted to try and capture the joy of Brown Snout. A classic, yet rare, cider apple, pale yellow when ripe it’s named for its russeted nose. Picked late in the autumn, the fruit smells gloriously of Bergamot oranges as they are gathered into fruit bins.

Blended at crush with Dabinett (10%), the juice was sent to tank to ferment spontaneously before being moved into three ex-brandy casks to mature.

What emerged over time is something even we did not expect. The aromatics are beautiful, all sweet orange and temple incense, and when you taste, it really is just pure, delicious juice – peach, plum, apricot, yellow apples, mango and yes orange! You can almost feel that juice running down your chin – joyful drinking without, but especially with, good company.

You can throw some pretty hefty food in this one’s direction! Should be a perfect small plates or street food match where all that fruit, juice and spice can meet and mingle with the heat, fat, salt and intensity. Or you can just revel in the complexity.

Gluten free. Vegan friendly. Drink cool. Contains sulphites. 7.3%