Nitiraj Platinum Collection

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Nitiraj Platinum is the finest quality incense, traditionally made by combining sustainable, natural resins, herbs, aromatic oils and honey to produce scents that smell divine and burn cleanly and slowly (approx 1 hour burning time per stick). Platinum is where India's nature, beauty and fine fragrances come together for unsurpassed purity and intensity in a long-lasting aroma. Several fragrances to choose from, each box contains 25gm - approx 17 sticks. 

Use caution when burning incense, never touch when lit, it will burn. Place your holder/burner on a heat resistant surface. Ensure falling ash is caught as it can dis-colour. Position your incense away from anything flammable. Keep away from open windows or draughts. Keep both unlit and burning incense out of reach of children and pets. Never leave burning incense unattended, if in doubt extinguish.

Natural resins, herbs, aromatic oils and honey

Made In India