Noëlla Morantin - LBL 2019 - Loire Valley, France - Creamy Sauvignon with stone fruit notes - 750ml Bottle

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LBL is a special white that Noella Morantin makes small quantities of, from old vines of Sauvignon Blanc that were originally part of the famed Clos Roche Blanche. The vines were planted in the 1940s and 1960s on a slope of clay/silex soils over limestone. 

LBL 2019 is reminiscent of Romarantin from Cour-Cheverny, with stone fruit, and subtle density and creaminess. Drink over the course of a couple hours to fully enjoy the concentration and layered minerality!

Quite a treat, and a really special Sauvignon Blanc. Along with old bottles of Vatan, the Sancerres from Gaudry or Sebastien Riffault, or the mystifying wines of Chrisophe Foucher (La Lunotte), this is one of the best candidates for convincing that friend who says they don't like Sauvignon Blanc.