North Brewing / Craft Beer Channel - Double Triple Fruited Gose - 6% Blackberry, Gooseberry and Blueberry Gose - 440ml Can

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When The Craft Channel reached out to brew up a collab to celebrate 10 years, how could we refuse! And what better way to celebrate than taking our Triple Fruited Gose and doubling it! Especially after their 2019 Beer log questioned 'what is a triple fruited gose?'

We’ve taken our signature slick Gose base and packed it full of Blackberry, Gooseberry and Blueberry. Combining these fruits and heightened aroma and flavour profiles that even we weren’t expecting – the gentle spicy note from the blueberries with a hint of star anise on the nose and soft pepper on the finish. The Gooseberries provide a sherbet tartness and zesty aroma, beautifully balanced with a decadent dark fruitiness from the Blackberries.
The perfect sour to take you from those sunshine filled days into the