North / Hoppy People / Probier - Hazy IPA - 6.4% Mosaic, Eclipse, Belma & Strata IPA - 440ml Can

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North x Hoppy People x Probier - Hazy IPA 6.4% ABV 440ml

Bring on the juice! This collaboration is the official beer of Zürich Beer Festival 2024, and made with our friends from Switzerland, Hoppy People. Founded in 2016 by two hop lovers, Olivier and David; they explore the endless possibilities of brewing, inspired by the craft beer revolutionaries of the early 1980’s in the US and Scandinavia.

Our shared passion for hops shines in this seriously juicy New England style IPA. Dank, delicious and dangerously drinkable, we’ve amplified the haze with a blend of wheat, oats and chit malt, letting the hops take centre stage. Mosaic, Eclipse, Belma and Strata hops create a big punch of fruity flavours: a burst of pineapple on the first sip, then notes of overripe mango, soft peach and nectarine. Finishing with a delightfully refreshing citrus zing and soft, dank, piney bitterness.

Ingredients: Barley, Wheat, Oats, Hops, Yeast - Vegan