North x ATA Records - Leeds Jazz Festival - 4.8% Hazy Pale - 440ml Can

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The official beer of Leeds Jazz Festival 2024. A Hazy Pale in collaboration with ATA Records, a Leeds-based label that specialise in jazz, funk, and soul.

This pale ale is refreshing, soft, and super juicy. On a base of extra pale, chit malt and flaked oats, to bring a smooth, pillowy mouthfeel, we combined Nelson Sauvin, Belma, and Citra to bring on the juice. Zesty citrus aromas bring to light the flavours of juicy pineapple, soft honeydew melon, crisp white grape, and crushed gooseberry, finishing with a gentle and refreshing bitterness.

This collaboration goes beyond the beer, featuring an exclusive release from Work, Money, Death – a collective of the fantastic musicians represented by ATA Records. The track captures the organic nature of improvisation between these talented musicians, providing a heart-felt and relaxing piece of music to take you on a journey of relaxation, whilst enjoying this thirst-quenching pale ale.

Ingredients: Barley, Oats, Hops, Yeast- Vegan