Northern Monk / Adrian Baxter / Pinta - Wrath - 6.6% Chocolate Chilli Stout - 440ml Can

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We have again committed a deadly sin with Adrian Baxter. 

Wrath conjures images of anger, being hot-headed, and fire so it seemed pretty obvious we needed to give a stout some heat; and hence a chilli stout was the natural conclusion.  

Another pretty natural pairing with chilli is chocolate, so we loaded the beer with cacao nibs before infusing with an array of chillis, including chipotle and Scotch Bonnet, to deliver a range of spiced, fruited and vegetal character and of course a balanced spicy tingle on the after taste. 

For Wrath, we've teamed up with Polish stout masters, PINTA.  

6.6% // 440ml