Northern Monk / Bissell Brothers / Jon Simmons - Knucklepuck - 7% DDH IPA - 440ml Can

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Our fifth 10th Anniversary release, a rebrew of 2017’s Knucklepuck – the second release in our Head of Design Jon Simmons’ Patrons Project series. 

Everything that we loved about the original Knucklepuck, delivering the same level of punch and intensity as the original but reworked to 7.0%  - putting everything we've learnt along the way about materials and process to deliver the experience at a more restrained ABV.  

We have access to better quality southern hemisphere hops and we've learnt a lot about our brewing process and how to make thick, silky smooth IPAs across a wide range of ABVs.  

We've brought one new hop variety to the mix as well, Eclipse, which is rapidly becoming our favourite Aussie hop and one which pairs with and compliments the existing hop bill beautifully.