Northern Monk / Lucy Ketchin - Everything All at Once - 6.5% Very Berry Sour

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Combining everything we’ve learned along the way with some new toys in the brewhouse, we’ve started with a base of Super Pale malt, Wheat, and Jumbo Oats to give a full- bodied smoothie appearance and mouthfeel, gently hopped with Mosaic for subtle sweet blueberry.

And then the real fun starts!

Adding the fruit in post-fermentation to ensure maximum fresh, juicy flavour and vibrancy, we loaded the IPA with 250g/l of Raspberry and Blackberry, along with some Sweet Cherry to round out the sweetness and depth.

The result starts off as a tart, fresh fruit smoothie up front, rounding out into lip- smacking sour chews, and sweet, sticky berry lipgloss.