Northern Monk / North Brewing / British Culture Archives - Boombox - 7.2% DDH IPA - 440ml Can

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7.2% DDH IPA

440ml Can

Like these two lads showing off their boombox around the streets of Salford, today we’re parading in arms with our friends from up the road @northbrewco. But this is Leeds. And it’s not 1984.

So, instead of blasting Frankie Goes To Hollywood on the pavement, we knocked on North's door to ask if they'd like to come outside and help us celebrate one of the incredible underdog's of our time: the British hop harvest.

Boombox is a 7.2% DDH IPA, boasting the signature aromatic, dark current and orange zest notes of British Bullion over a thick oat-filled base. To complement its deep, spiced notes, we added in US Mosiac for its flavours of blueberry and soft, ripe tropical fruits.