Northern Monk - Patrons Project 11.02 // Lord Whitney // Doomsday Disco // Fruity IPA - 6% ABV

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6.0% ABV

440ml Can 

Lord Whitney, Leeds' very own 'connisseurs of make believe', look to create immersive, sensory experiences through their work. 

This resonates with what we look to do with beer, which we believe should be more than simply a taste experience. The best beer experiences both create and recall memories and stimulate multiple senses. This can be as simple as recollections of that perfect cask pint in the corner of your favourite open-fire heated pub in conversation with good friends. Amongst the most stimulating memories for any person are those from childhood and we love to reminisce of our favourite flavours from ‘back in the day’ and challenge ourselves to recreate these flavours in beer form.

Inspired by the flavours of rainbow sherbet, this silky IPA is brewed with three fruits; raspberry, pineapple and mango. A total of 90g/l of fruit puree was added through fermentation for layers of candy-like juicy depth and delight. All of this over a classic hazy IPA base packed with naked oats and wheat malt alongside some lactose milk sugar combining for optimum smooth mouthfeel. We whirlpool hopped with some resinous, piney Columbus and dry-hopped with the signature tropical combination of Citra and Mosaic.