Northern Monk - Patrons Project 25.03 Laura Slater // Montage // Single Hop Mosaic DDH IPA - 6.5% ABV - 440ml Can

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6.5% ABV

440ml Can

A real all-rounder of a hop, and one which tends to show more variation season-to-season than most. This hop can lead to a real love-hate relationship for the brewer! On a bad day it can smell like pickled onion crisps, but when it’s on form (as its name suggests) it delivers an array of depth and flavour which make it a prime choice for the single hop treatment.

We hand-selected this year’s Mosaic with Yakima Chief back in September, where we focused on finding plenty of resinous tropical fruit character whilst keeping a balanced level of dank pine underneath, and we’re happy with how this is translating through to the beer. Backed up with plenty of flaked oats and fermented with a fruity English strain, the result is a soft, rounded IPA with distinct ripe mango, bubblegum and stone fruit flavours.